About Nway
We Streamline the Business Processes with the help of NWAY HRM Software. We enable the Management of Multiple modules in a HR-Payroll like Organization,Employee Self-Service, Recruitment, Payroll, Attendance, Compliance, Reporting etc. through a Centralized Cloud platform which can be accessed from any part of the world.

Who We are ?

We are from Nway Technologies Private Limited having headquarters in Indore, India gained experience of 12+ years in providing ERP Software Solutions. We are expertise in ERP-based Software Development modules along with all types of website development as per your customization.

NWAY HRM which is part of Nway Technologies operates in various industries such as Real Estate, Construction, Mall Management, Hotels, Schools, Hospitals & Diagnostics, etc. NWAY HRM has grown to build up a family of 100+ clients, who are dispersed over 67+ Cities in India. Either Single or multiple sites, NWAY HRM supports a wide range of enterprises, ranging from SME to LSE due to its adaptable and economic nature. Every target that we have achieved is a result of applying our work ethics and always keeping the client’s requests and queries on priority.

Director's Message

First of all welcome to NWAY family. In the past 12 Years, NWAY ERP has emerged to an extent where it contains a Client portfolio which is quite Solid. Each client is an extended family member to us. NWAY team is made of the passionate and talented workforce who have managed to Develop and Implement an ERP suite that consists of unmatched tools and Features, giving a whole new perspective towards managing the Business.

Mr. Arun Singh

– Director


  • Economic –
    NWAY HRM compiles the needed base user license policy for the users to make it more adaptable for enterprises, ranging from large to small size enterprises to deploy this software.
  • Domain Specific Solutions –
    NWAY HRM is providing solutions for multiple industries, with a differentiated set of tools and features dedicated to specific industries according to the requirement of business.
  • Scalable Platforms –
    Quick deployment and centralized data storage with cloud-based access. Monitor the whole business with iOT Integration. Authorized user access through the self-service portal, to reduce dependability and Increase security.
  • Fast Decision Making –
    Real-time access to business analytics which leads to take decisions fast and Imply on the business within the hour.
  • Dedicated Support Team –
    NWAY HRM support team solves your queries in real-time and always keeps the clients at priority.

Industry Specific

iOT Integration

iOT Integration

Authorized Access

Unlimited User License

SaaS based Solution

GST Compliance

Cloud Based

Cloud Based



“Our aim is to reduce the Operational dependency between Processes in an Enterprise, to scale up the Functionality and Optimize the whole Business life Cycle”



“To Become the Leading providers of ERP solutions and serve the Industries with more innovative solutions to enhance their Business Workflow”

NWAY Work Ethics


Punctuality is our virtue from implementing the ERP to support NWAY team has always been ready to solve your issues within time. The prompt attitude of NWAY team has always helped the clients and itself grow and recieve heights in its race.


The flexibility which is enabled by NWAY team lets client work with ease. NWAY team provides solution which is simple to understand and can be implemented without hassles.


The creativity, integrity and hard work that NWAY team puts in making a solution to ease out your business the process is impeccable. NWAY team ensures the optimization of whole business process. We don't leave without unfolding and automating any part of the whole life cycle.


We thrive for excellence and quality. Covering SME to LSE we treat all the companies on the same grounds and reengineer the whole process with ERP. We keep our ERP upgraded and well informed about new trends in business and create solutions which defy those trends with innovation.

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